What Do We Offer?

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Cool Kids flexibly adapts to the needs of parents with various hours and schedules.

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Cool kids has a catering service that provides a balanced diet and nutritious food for every child, ensuring the utmost care and quality.

Our catering is based on an innovative service called ColdLine, which allows the food not to lose any of its properties despite of having been cooked.

The food is made on a daily basis by our provider; it is fresh and we work with a professional nutritionist who creates a daily menu for our children.

This is why we guarantee balanced diet that meets the individual needs of every child.

The company provides a combination steam-convection oven that makes the food regenerate in just a few minutes reaching a temperature of 65º C without losing its properties and ready to eat.

The company possess all the licenses and certifications needed to conduct this service.

We can confirm:

  • All the food is served at an adequate temperature and freshly made.
  • The food we serve does not have a reheating nor dried-up taste.
  • We comply and follow all the hygienic and health legislation and regulations.

Cool Kids works with the Hipp Biological Center which is a trademark owned by a German company dedicated exclusively to infant nutrition for over 60 years.

It is certified EU organic food and in addition carries its own Bio seal, since it fulfills more regulations than stipulated by the EU.

Biological Hipp does not use any preservatives, dye or chemical additives in the production process. Pure green, pure natural.

Healthy Snacks

Fresh fruits
Fresh milk products

Every day fresh

Balanced nutrition
Homemade freshness


Such as rice cookies from HIPP
Fruit cookies from HIPP