Our educational project emphasizes motivation and stimulation to focus on developing child creativity.  We carefully select play activities that stimulate a correct psychomotor development and an emotional balance by boosting their creativity and encouraging respect for others and the environment.  All these group activities prepare them for teamwork, teaching them to share and to engage in social interaction.

Our project aims to create a pleasant environment full of affection in which children can feel happy and safe.  This allows them to develop to their full potential so that their first contact with school can be positive.

We work on developing the child’s rational and emotional intelligence by enhancing their capabilities on:

  • An emotionally balanced development
  • An ideal stimulation of learning bases
  • A motivating and stimulating environment
  • A harmonic and integral psychomotor development

To make this happen we organize our daily activities bearing in mind their attention span, activity capabilities and caring for their basic needs (alimentation, sleep, hygiene and playtime).