English Park for Kids

Happy English Time

“Happy English Time” is an interactive way for children between 3 and 6 to learn English.

The aim is for children to learn through positive experiences.  

The motivation for children to speak and understand English is created through a program of fun activities with the objective of relating English to positive experiences. 

The activities awaken their interest in a natural way which at the same time allows the English language to be integrated into their everyday play and recreation.

 Additionally, at the same time they are preparing themselves for official certificates such as Cambridge exams, indispensable nowadays.

Some of our activities:

Let’s Sing:

Singing songs is an excellent way to learn and memorise new vocabulary.  Nursery rhymes sung in groups is a key method for teaching children language: It provides them with listening and pronunciation skills – and they will probably be singing these catchy songs all day long!


Play Time and Role Play:

What better way to achieve participation and knowledge of the language than playing in English – creating different themes such as “shopping in the supermarket”  where the teacher is the shopkeeper and the children go and buy groceries, “lottery play” where they learn numbers in a fun way or “hangman” to guess the word.

Arts and crafts

They will enjoy making arts and crafts and at the same time learn new vocabulary related to the daily topic –  food, colours, shapes…


Story Telling

Reading simple stories and going through the plot with them allows us to practice speaking and listening.